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Are you getting depressed that you are not getting a job despite of your struggle? Do you think you don't have enough steam in you to fight for a job? Do you lack motivation? Then you must read this section.

These are the amazing Success Stories of Chetanaites. Personally I am amazed at the fight put up in life by these people. These success stories inspire me when I am down in dumps. I hope they inspire you too for a better tomorrow.

Take little time to read them. I am sure it will give you a new hope when you understand how many times they failed before getting succeeded and how they overcame the struggles to reach the zenith of success.

If you want to share your success story and inspire lakhs of other people, please send it at 

Write your full story, how you failed before getting succeeded, how you overcame hurdles, how CHETANA(S) helped you to achieve your goal (If applicable) --> ChetanaS

Success Story View Last Updated
Nikhil shares his most happiest moments of getting into TATA INFOTECH after failing in so many companies and tell you that failure leads to success... Full Story 24 Jan 2006
Anvar Sadath explains you how he succeeded after failing in 24 companies and advises you not lose confidence when you fail... Full Story 16 Jan 2006
Hema Saraswathi explains you her moments of anger, frustration and how she made it to TCS finally after a struggle for 6 months... Full Story 07 Jan 2006
Thamarai kannan, who made it to HEWITT tells you how he failed in 25 companies before scripting his success and the lessons learnt from his failures... Full Story 02 Jan 2006
Jai Bhati, who made it to MBT tells you how 'CHETANA-JOBS' helped him to turn a ray of hope into success story... Full Story 21 Dec 2005
Salim, who made it to MNC company despite of deep struggle advises Chetanaites that who always keeps shooting will surely hit something... Full Story 14 Dec 2005
Ashish Murali, who made it to ACCENTURE reveals two secret mantras of his success to Chetanaites... Full Story 29 Oct 2005
Sumit Vadodaria, who made it to TCS after failure in 10 companies thanks all Chetanaites and says - 'IF U FAIL TO PREPARE U R PREPARING TO FAIL'... Full Story 14 Oct 2005
Savita Nagaraj, who made it to AAROHI COMMUNICATIONS after failure in 14 companies thanks all Chetanaites and says you should never lose hope...  Full Story 06 Oct 2005
Ramakrishnan, who made it to ACCENTURE after failure in 47 companies believes - 'Man needs difficulties to enjoy success'... Full Story 03 Oct 2005
Asha, who made it to IBM after a long struggle of 2 years believes - 'When you really desire something with your heart n soul, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it'... Full Story 25 Sep 2005
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who made it to INFOSYS after 42 attempts says - 'Have Creativity'... Full Story 20 Sep 2005
Chandrasekaran Guhan who made it to COVANSYS after failure in 17 companies advises Chetanaites - 'NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP'... Full Story 15 Sep 2005
"Effort fully releases its reward only after a person refuses to quit..." - Nepoleon Hill