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From: Savita Nagaraj
Date: Fri Feb 4, 2005 11:59am
Subject: [CHETANA] (JOB) My Success Story to Aarohi!! Thanx to Chetana ma'am for ur support!!

Hi frens!!
well, i am writing this mail 3 months after getting a job in an MNC...but i sure am happy to share it with you all.
i am a silent member of this group, never ever written to anyone, just took tips from all the mails pouring in everyday in my mailbox......but yes, there was a time when i was dejected, lost and given up hope of even getting a decent job ever in my life, but i guess God was toooo generous with me...and i guess with quite a lot of efforts from my side, i did get into a small but very promising company, called  Aarohi Communications in Bangalore. its an amazing company, its giving me an amazing foundation for further developments. but before i got in here, this is the list of companies i got rejected in during my 6 months long job hunt:
  • syntel
  • unitech
  • nucsoft
  • bently nevada (thrice!!!)
  • lntinfotech
  • infy
  • hexaware
  • tata infotech
  • tcs
  • nexgenix
  • wipro
  • pcs
  • nse it
  • iflex

and then finally i made it to aarohi!! though its a small company, its paying me huge!!

i get 25k pm!! well thats gross....but its ok, i do get approx 17-18k in hand, n i guess that is enough for me!!!

all in all, I would like to thank Chetana ma'am for having actually taken up the responsibility of running a group so close to perfection in bringing about employment to the youths of this country. i am really thankful to her for providing us with so much of support during the times when we actually needed it.

and i would also thank all Chetana-ites whose never ending mails brought about a sense of hope and determination in everyone's minds. special thanx to guys n gals who had written their success stories, as they were not only amazing, but they also gave me a feeling that one day even i will get my dream job (which is what i got now!!), and that to never lose hope in life, be determined and confident, ur time will surely come!!

i guess i dont have to give the same advise to all u guyz/gals again, as just the main intention of writing this mail was to encourage all those who r still into job hunting, and to tell them that patience pays...

bye guyz/gals...
this was SAVITA signing off...
lots-a-luv to all Chetana-ites, and to Chetana ma'am...

"Effort fully releases its reward only after a person refuses to quit..." - Nepoleon Hill