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From: Salim Khatib
Date: Tue Dec 13,200522:16pm
Subject: [CHETANA] (JOB) My Success Story to MNC

Hello friends,
I passed out my engg in 2004.i got a job in MNC - thanks to all of those who helped me to achieve this. i got lot of information through this group only. the work done by Chetana is something great that i am unable to express in words. to tell how efficient this group is, i get more info about jobs for freshers than any other group. my friends have subscribed to various job sites, but still i get the more info than my friends.

I came to banglore in june 2004 after completing my B.E in Electronics and Communication from a reputed college .when i was in my second year of engg it was the most unfortunate and black day for me. I suddenly had to suffer from a mental disease called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder because of this i was unable to concentrate on my studies and i just managed to get 57% aggregate with lots of backlogs.
i had given up the hope that i will get the job ,i was unable to concentrate even on preparing for the interviews bcoz of my mental sickness. I always used to blame the god why He is punishing me, what sin i have done, i had lot of pressure from my family, and my parents were not knowing about mental sickness i used to wish always to die. I went to many doctors but they said that this disease cannot be cured but only can be controlled.

For 7 months i did not get any call from any company so i decided to do a course on java/j2ee with lot of guts bcoz i lost my self confidence bcoz of my mental problem. With lot trouble and strain i completed my course and finally i got a job in an MNC company and i am getting 20K there but i am still suffering from same disease, but i have learnt the art of hiding my weakness from my colleagues.

So nobody's condition would be as bad as mine, so don't loose hope have faith in god and keep trying bcoz he that always shooting must hit something.

"Effort fully releases its reward only after a person refuses to quit..." - Nepoleon Hill