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From: "Chaitanya Mahaprabhu" <>
Date: Fri Sep 16, 2005 9:35pm
Subject: (JOB) My Success to INFOSYS after failure in 42 companies...

Hi guys..I am Chaitanya and am joinin Infy on 26th at Bhubaneshwar.So have to leave on 23rd..

Thank you Chetana ma'am..Ur support cannot be weighed....

Regardin the recruitment, based on my personal experiences, be creative especially wrt CV..Doesn't matter what u put in that-just be creative..Don't copy the format from others. Try ur own !

My creativity led to so many opportunities within 3 months. I am June 2005 passout in ECE from NHCE,Bangalore.....They may not be in the order in which I took.The companies which are repeated have been taken so many times!

1. Torrie Harris- cleared test, GD fail
2. Purple Vision Tech- cleared test, interview fail
3. L & T Infotech- test fail
4. Satyam- test fail
5. HP- was not eligible
6. Azul(Tavant)- was not eligible
7. Makino Power tools- Interview fail(prayed that I shouldn't get thro)
8. Nous Infosystems- test fail
9. CISC- did not allow me(cause of makino where I had a huge fight wid LNarayan)
10. IndiaSatcom- did not allow me
11. Applabs(Hyderabad)- call for test, could not go
12. Robert Bosch- test cleared, 3rd interview fail
13. Delphi- test cleared, GD cleared, 1st interview cleared, didn't take cause they wanted pple from colleges like RV, PESIT
14. Genesis(Hyderabad)- call for test, could not go
15. Subex systems- test cleared, GD fail
16. Gnostice- test fail
17. Digibee- test fail
18. Park control systems- could not write(cause had Subex)
19. Tyco- not allowed
20. Mphasis- not allowed
21. TCS- cleared test, cleared tech and HR, placed
22. Aplab(B'lore)- call for interview, did not go
23. Vanilla networks- call for interview, did not go
24. Infosys- test cleared, cleared HR, placed
25. Oracle(thro UV consultants-college placement)- not allowed
26. ACS- walk in,did not go
27. ISRO- took test, don't know results
28. Novell- called for test, they cancelled the test cause couldn't control the crowd
29. S.R systems(USA-California)-was not interestd cause they askd me to pay 3000 $
30. Scandent solutions- test fail
31. Motorola- test fail
32. Applied materials(my favo company)- test fail
33. GE- no test,took direct interview, don't know results
34. Satyam- did not allow cause already placed
35. Robert Bosch- test cleared test, cleared tech and HR, but they didn't take me cause I took test within 6 months
36. Oracle(at company-not thro college)- test fail
37. Sirius star systems- call for interview, did not go
38. Aztec- cleared test, cleared GD, tech test fail( cause it was JAVA)
39. Sonata- denied the opportunity Krishnan offered, cause got placed in INFY
40. DRDO- took test, don't know results
41. Applied materials(2nd time)- test fail
42. Bangalore labs- will be getting a call, but won't be here to attend…This will be the only company thro ref

How do think I got so many calls ?
1st - percentage(71%- just 1% more than usual cutoff)
2nd - creativity in resume
3rd - hard work-distributed resumes personally to almost all companies in B'lore from 7th semester
4th - patience
5th - strong faith in god
6th - lots and lots of luck
7th - confidence

Don't give up hope..Keep trying.
Finally I thank all of u for the valuable support…

With regards

"Effort fully releases its reward only after a person refuses to quit..." - Nepoleon Hill