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From: Jai Bhati
Date: Tue Dec 21,200410:43 am
Subject: (JOB) MY Success Story to MBT; I am very very thankful to CHETANA-JOBS

Hi friends,
I am Jai. This is my first mail to Chetana group. Presently i am working in Microsoft technology and i am permanent employee of MBT. I would like to share my success story with all of you. i did my MCA in 2003.At that time scenario was completely differrent and there were no jobs. So i joined as a lecturer in an Enggineering college. I worked there for 9 months, suddenly one day one of my best friend got selected in Accenture. And he told me also to apply for IT jobs. But i had no contact. So he himself reginstered me in 'CHETANA-JOBS' group. As a result i was in touch with IT information and walkins. After some time i attended my first walkin of MBT on 14 FEB but due to some reason Walkin was cancelled. Then i had a call from WIPRO ,but due to sectional cut off in English i was out. Then on 28th march i had call from MBT,i attended the written paper.

After the written paper i waited for 2 weeks but there was no call and i lost my hope of selection .But on 15th May i had call from MBT for technical interview.I was completely overjoyed. On 22nd May i attended the interview.I was asked to wait for a week for the result but i did'nt got any mail for my selection.I once again lost all hope.Suddenly on 5th June i had a call from MBT that i was selected and had to join MBT by 11 the JUNE.

I joined MBT and after three months of training at MBT i was sent to MICROSOFT for a project for a duration of more than a year. I am very very thankful to CHETANA-JOBS.

One most important thing which i forgot to mention was that ,I am a resident of JODHPUR (RAJASTHAN). And for walkins i use to come to DELHI just for one DAY stay and after walkins i use to return back to my hometown. I had a ray of hope .That ray leaded me where i am today.

So friends i would like to say that, if you deserve a job than u are definitely going to get it.

"Effort fully releases its reward only after a person refuses to quit..." - Nepoleon Hill