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From: Asha 
Date: Mon Mar 28, 2005 4:24pm
Subject: (JOB) My Success Story to IBM

Hi Chetanaites,
I'm Asha belongs to this 'Chetana' family for long long time.I'm writing this mail to express my gratitute to none other than our dearest 'Chetana madam' and to all of you too.I'm now swimming in the ocean of happiness after long long long long stuggle for almost 2 years.You can guezz whatz my happiness for.I got a job in IBM after I fought with life so hard.You cant even guezz the struggle I had 4 all these days.I dint want to narrate that and make you feel bad.It waz so horrible and I had torrid times in life.No job,no hopes of getting it,uncertainty about future, depression,thoughts of suicide.Even thoze close to me lost faith in me.even my close frnds dint help me.But only ray of hope for me waz 'CHETANA'.Every time I crumbled and tumbled,lost faith in myself, Chetana was there to charge myself with the success stories, information and inspiration.
I dont know what feelings you all do have for our Chetana madam.But for me she is angel God sent for us (as some one in group waz telling the same few days back).I would nt want to imagine wat I would have done without Chetana.I dint trust God 4 all stuggles he gave me.But I did realize He sent Chetana madam to compnsate the pain I had.Evrything happens 4 good.Now iam able to believe this.I owe my life to Chetana madam for starting this group & helping everyone at times when there is no one else comes for rescue.Nowadays itz rare to see anyone helping even neighbours&friendz.But she is helping 2 lakhs people directly and many folds of people indirectly.for me she is sure a legend, role model,and all this is more than social service.just imagine our job search and lives without 'Chetana'.i dont think any youth there in india who doesnt know 'Chetana'.itz such an amazing group that changed so many lakhs of lives and showed the way of life.I personally knew so many of people who got life and inspired thru Chetana.Now i am feeling all proud to be able to script my success story and add myself to that list.itz not just a group that gives job info.its more than that giving life n inspiration to people when they need it most.i hope you all agree dis with me.
Chetana madam,I owe my success and life to you.I am at you feet and service.plz let me know if you need any kind of help from me that reduces your burden a bit. madam,i dont want to flatter you with words of praise but these words came from my heart.
last but not the least - i like to offer my deep gratitude to Surendra sir for his constant words of wisdom thru 'Thought of the Day' that changed my life at times of depression.I still have his words framed in my room%%% When you really desire something with your heart n soul, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it % thank you sir! your words of inspiration prevented me from committing suicide. You dont know what impact you made on me.
Signing off with all gratitude to Chetana madam and this 'Chetana' family!!

"Effort fully releases its reward only after a person refuses to quit..." - Nepoleon Hill