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From: Ashish Murali
Date: FriJun 3,200511:56pm
Subject: [CHETANA] (JOB) My Success Story to ACCENTURE -- A MILLION THANKS -- My two secret MANTRAS

Hello Everybody,
This is one mail that everyone wants to write to Chetana ma'm and the group - A JOB PLACEMENT MAIL !!!

I guess God-willingly that day has come for me - yea people I AM PLACED at last - Accenture is my den !

Okie people, everyone of us knows of the selfless and unbound service Chetana ma'm does - HELP US ALL FIND A JOB, and i should say the least that we can do for her would be to give her a STANDING OVATION for her commitment - i cant believe somebody doing this sorta work even after they have started working !! (atleast not me !!) - so all i can say is WE ALL LOVE YOU A LOT and A MILLION THANKS is the least that we can tell you.

Anyways ppl onto the job, and how it happened. Actually speaking i would have done the same thing that all of us do - send 100's of copies of our resumes to all the company websites. But i should say the time we spend in that is vital...if not critical. Thats how, that irritating 10 mins. spent in filling up the application at Accenture's site turned a simple first-class engg. grad (2005) into a Junior Software Engineer !!

But no shortcuts to success people - my two secret MANTRAS - SELF-CONFIDENCE and A LOTT of HARD WORK at least for a good 4-5 days thats it ! Earlier i used to wonder what people mean by these 2 words - i thought these are 2 words to make a person's success look glossier - but frankly people, me as an achiever i can say that these 2 words mean a lott more than those 15-20 letters they comprise of !! Hey, so people HARD-WORK is one thing, that is tough initially but i tell you once you take up the challenge- even that work becomes a part of our life and not Hard Work.

--So work well on your Aptitudes (R.S.Agrawal - can't thank that guy any less) and also read your newspapers well for your English. Do your reasoning from CAT material (if possible). Make your project report your Bible - and get a hold on your basics of C,C++. All these might sound a lott - but its a whole lott easier when we just fragment each one of these into bits and pieces. Work hard and Self-Confidence (which was dormant in all of us) for the past 20 odd years will emerges all of a sudden.

All the best people, never lose hope coz you never know where you might be the next week as i found out- from a happy-go-lucky chap into a responsible person.

"Effort fully releases its reward only after a person refuses to quit..." - Nepoleon Hill