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These are the inspirational thoughts sent to group various people and also my friends. These thoughts inspire me when I am down in dumps. I hope they inspire you too for a better tomorrow. --> ChetanaS

Thought Of The Day View Last Updated
The thought - 'Set Your Goals' tells you all about goals and how they should be set to achieve something in life... Full Thought 24 Jan 2006
The thought - 'Mediocre Minds' tells you that when you pursue greatness, you represent the courage that others don't have... Full Thought 16 Jan 2006
The thought - 'Do it anyway' tells you that the final analysis is between you and God and so forgive self-centered people... Full Thought 11 Jan 2006
The thought - 'Failure' tells you what failure exactly means and advises you not to get depressed despite of failures... Full Thought 07 Jan 2006
The thought - 'No Excuses' tells you not to have the habit of making excuses for your failures... Full Thought 27 Dec 2005
The thought - 'Faith is a great foundation' tells you to have complete faith in whatever you do in life... Full Thought 21 Dec 2005
The thought - 'Bend, but don't break' tells you not to break when you are experiencing bad times of your life... Full Thought 12 Dec 2005
The thought - 'Love has no conditions' explains that love is meant to be free... Full Thought 14 Nov 2005
"Effort fully releases its reward only after a person refuses to quit..." - Nepoleon Hill